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Skin care

Taking care of the skin should start at an early age, because once the skin has been neglected, it is more difficult to improve its appearance or to undo damage that has been done by neglect.Facial treatments, body care programs, and proper makeup techniques can help maintain the health and attractiveness of the skin for a lifetime.
Loss of the skin's elasticity, and the body's biologocal changes in mid-life may cause the fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck to become more prominent. Person with light, thin, and dry skin tend to develop lines and wrinkles at an earlier age than do persons whose skin are oily, thick, and dark.
The skin shows signs of age faster than any other organ of the body (skin is the lagest organ). That is why the skin requires regular and daily care throughtout its lifetime, to remain healthy and retain its youthful appearance


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